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About us

A Big thank you to everyone who supported us and the others who may have indirectly helped to strengthen our will. We loved every bit of the journey;

The Idea
It all started in 2019. A constant search for a delicious and right snack on the move, when time is of utmost importance, we look for the perfect blend of energy, nutrition and convenience to grab on the go.

The Business
What started as a hobby turned into a business. Our Flagship product Happy Natural Nutrition Bar was launched. We @ FitSport Nutrition, make the World's Tastiest Nutrition bars. Your daily dose of nutrition from the most natural sources. We are the preferred nutrition partner for a lot of IT/Corporates, running clubs, cyclists, active/adventure enthusiasts, and elite educational institutions.

The Challenges
Like any other Early-Stage venture, we had our share of excitement, and enthusiasm; good, bad, and ugly experiences. Covid, Collateral damage due to expansion, and payment delays from customers (Most of the time from large organizations) taught us the much-needed lessons

The Excited β€œNOW”
With the external challenges behind us, we are on the path to building the World’s largest Nutrition organization with a focus on Fitness, Wellness and Sport, along with Tech-enabled solutions

Eat Right, Think Well, and get it done.

We thrive every day to make sure you get the natural energy from the most natural ingredients in our power-packed energy bars. We have made it easier for you to be healthier on the go. Most importantly we boast of our secret ingredient, 'Happiness'.