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Gaining weight? Follow these essential nutrition tips to stay fit

Gaining weight? Follow these essential nutrition tips to stay fit

Gaining weight? Follow these essential nutrition tips to stay fit

What you eat reflects the way you live. It's high time you prioritise your health needs and plan your diet. Yes! A sound body is necessary for a sound mind and a happy life. When you hear about managing weight, eating nutritious and healthy food, some of you will be thinking about all the choices you have to keep aside in order to follow a healthy diet.

Managing weight and eating nutritious food is not just about looking slim or returning to the zero-size trend. It is also about looking healthy, happy and radiant. Your mental strength depends highly on your physical fitness. Radiant energy is vital to balance your mental and emotional stability. So, it is mandatory to eat according to your need. Understanding your body is the first step towards loving yourself.

How to select nutritious food to manage your body weight

Understand your needs according to your gender, age, body and physique. You cannot copy your friend's diet chart. You are unique. Now let us see some essential nutrition methods that everyone needs to follow in their daily life.

  1. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits (bright coloured)

Fried vegetables, sugar-coated and creamy fruits are never nutritious. When you fry vegetables it will lose essential nutritious contents. Microwave cooking helps to retain the nutrition value compared to pressure cooking and baking. It is a general belief that raw vegetables are better than cooked vegetables, but in fact, cooked vegetables break plant cell walls and release more nutrients. Similarly, eating vegetables like spinach and broccoli, burn belly fats facilitating your weight-loss plans. 

  1. Eat foods that are low in fat and  high in fibre

Include grains like barley, Wheat bread, oats and brown rice in your daily diet. Also, cereals, nuts, seeds and dry fruits are high with fibre contents. Moreover, some fruits and vegetables are also rich with Fibre contents. That is why eating fresh fruits and cooked vegetables are highly recommended over juices and beverages. Fibre and carbohydrate-rich foods can make your tummy feel full, which helps you to eat less by managing and balancing your body weight. 

  1. Drink fat-free  beverages and remain hydrated

Water has a very important role in nutrition. Drink plenty of water. It dissolves vitamins, nutrients and mineral contents so that your body can use them to supply sufficient energy. Also, proper hydration helps to control and balance your body weight. Fat-free milk, yoghurts and other dairy products are also good for your health. Drink calorie-free beverages that are nutrient-rich and fortified. Make it a habit to read the labels before you buy any drink. Calculate the calorie, fat and sugar quantity of your drinks. Plant-based beverages like soy-milk, coconut milk and almond milk also help to maintain your energy level by reducing the excess fat contents in your body.

The difference in nutritional requirements among Men and Women

The essential nutritional needs are the same for both men and women at the peripheral level. But if you are looking for a detailed nutrition plan, then it varies for men and women. For example, women need calcium at an increased rate but the high consumption of calcium can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men. Research clarifies that men are highly prone to obesity and overweight. But it is easier for men to lose weight compared to women due to the change in metabolism and fat storage. So it is mandatory to have a thorough understanding of your personalized needs as per your age, gender, and body weight.

Let's Wrap Up

You should enjoy what you eat. However, always consider quality over quantity. Though nutrition chart varies according to the physiques, age and gender of people, some foods can be enjoyed by all. Nutrients are essential to maintain the fitness and energy level of our body. Fitness food is the need of the hour if you are upset about body fat. Nutrients are present abundantly in fruits, vegetables, and other snacks you have daily. You only need to follow a regular diet chart by bringing all these essential elements into your food. Hence, enrich your food habit to stay healthy and happy.

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