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Top 5 benefits from sunflower seeds

Top 5 benefits from sunflower seeds

Top 5 benefits from sunflower seeds

Are you in search of healthy food habits? Then, here is an interesting and effective supplement to your diet. How about a handful of sunflower seeds to surprise your body and well-being?

The beauty of the yellow sunflowers is ravishing. Sunflower oil also occupies a celebrity status in the health charts. So, what’s more? Sunflower has a central black region; once matured, the seeds are harvested from the flower heads. The brown husks of seeds conceal a lot of benefits within. Sunflower seeds are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is the best snack to cut down your hunger pangs; with a healthy twist. Being keto-friendly, it has become an ideal ingredient for energy bars. Still, confused about its merits? Dive forth to discover the 5 amazing health benefits of sunflower seeds.

  • Heart-healthy

  • Packed with healthy fats, sunflower seeds are heart-healthy foods. Most of us are worried these days, about eating junk food whenever we are dead-hungry. But, sunflower seeds are a reliable alternative. There are two notable fats in sunflower seeds - linoleic acid and chlorogenic acid. These life saviours inevitably tackle the two villains; blood pressure and blood sugar level in our body. 

    Linoleic acid keeps a check on the blood pressure. Chlorogenic acid contributes to lowering blood sugar and blood pressure too. These fats and other plant-based fats are real hacks for weight gain and cholesterol. They cut down the 'bad' cholesterol, reducing the risk for heart diseases. Intake of ‘good’ fats in sunflower seeds gradually promotes weight loss. Farewell to the days when you had to starve all day. Sunflower seeds can control a sudden spike in blood sugar soon after a meal; a significant benefit for diabetes patients. Altogether, sunflower seeds can significantly reduce the threat of many heart diseases and disorders.

  • Reservoir of Vitamin E

  • Sunflower seeds are rich with the ‘beauty vitamin’, E. Known for its anti-ageing effects, vitamin E is a popular antioxidant for our body. So, it protects body cells from stress and tear. Long-term inflammations might be signals to chronic diseases. Vitamin E has potential anti-inflammatory properties. In a way, sunflower seeds help to fight chronic diseases; especially cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it plays a major role in hormonal balance and sexual health. Sex hormone synthesis in women is regulated by vitamin E. If you are a mom-to-be, then feast on some sunflower seeds. It is a storehouse of folic acid, essential for pregnancy care. This is also a good source to improve sperm count in men.

  • Improved immunity and metabolism

  • How small can be your balanced diet brimming with all needed nutrients? Well, an ounce of sunflower seeds is enough and more. They are resources for a wide range of nutrients and minerals. Major minerals found in sunflower seeds are Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus and traces of Copper. All of these evidently boost our immunity and metabolic rates. Let’s see in specific, how each mineral contributes to our well-being.

    • Selenium - An effective detoxifying agent. It checks on the neural system along with traces of copper. It is useful to establish mental well-being, also. Being an antioxidant, it lowers the risk of cancer. 
    • Magnesium - It facilitates the nervous system, along with the overall metabolism rate. It also helps in better functioning of muscles.
    • Zinc - This element is responsible for a good immune system. It supports the T-cells; an integral part of immunity.
    • Phosphorus - Our bones and teeth are maintained by its presence. Bone density improves reasonably with sunflower seeds.

  • Good digestion, good stomach

  • Tired of binge-eating fatty foods? Sunflower seeds are good choices to swap your eating habits. Unlike other fat-rich foods, sunflower seeds contain loads of unsaturated fats and fibre content. Saturated fats are easy to digest and hence, more fats are deposited in blood vessels. But, unsaturated fats in sunflower seeds take a decent time to digest; not pouring ‘bad’ fats into our body. The junk foods might have left us with messy stomachs. The fibre content handles constipation and improves the process of digestion. The plant proteins, phytosterols, initiate weight loss and reduce blood sugar. This helps for a better appetite as well.

  • Glowing skin and shiny hair

  • Besides the anti-ageing properties, sunflower seeds are the best natural ingredient for your hair and skincare. It consists of linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids, resources for collagen and elastin in the body. Your skin turns smooth and supple with more collagen and elastin. The chemical components of sunflower seeds help in the transport of fats throughout the body. It also provides antibacterial effects on the skin. The hair strands achieve moisture-retaining ability with the intake of sunflower seeds. It stimulates hair growth to a great extent. Moreover, sunflower seeds are rich in energy and relax our whole body by improving blood circulation.

    With all these health perks, sunflower seeds make the best seed to eat in a balanced diet. In the celebrated world of avocados and chia seeds, sunflower seeds are definite add-ons. It includes healthy ‘good’ fats, complementing its nutty and crunchy texture. It can be consumed raw or as salt-roasted seeds. Being an energy booster, it is best served in energy bars. Hence, happy sunshine and eating; amongst a dash of sunflower seeds!

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